Apr 11, 2014

Together In Tribute and Possibilities

With warmth, caring and commitment, our Federation’s 2014 Annual Meeting celebrated our many accomplishments, paid well-earned tribute to our leaders and, with clarity and confidence, turned the page to our next chapter. On Tuesday night, April 8, from their enthusiastic greetings through the live band’s final strains of “All You Need is Love,” 280 of our passionate, dedicated community leaders and donors epitomized the night’s lyrical theme of “Come Together.”

Anne and Norman Jacobson chaired a night we’ll remember for years to come. Paramount among its highlights, we lauded my inestimable partner Ellen R. Sarnoff for her three remarkable years as Chair of our Board. Take just a very few minutes to share in some of these beautiful moments. “Ellen’s Greatest Hits” offers words, images and, of course, Beatles music, while brief video clips from friends and colleagues make for a powerful “Tribute to Ellen R. Sarnoff.”

We also welcomed our new Chair, Al Gortz, whose profound engagement and significant contributions date back to our Federation’s very inception in 1979. Al’s vision for our community, “A New Era of Possibilities” is grounded in and soars from his unparalleled knowledge and experience. Building on an increasing campaign and endowments, with enthusiasm reminiscent of Federation’s early years, I know that, together, we are headed into an extraordinary time ahead.

And we congratulated our new 2014-15 Board of Directors, as well as four outstanding individuals who received significant awards at the meeting. Together, they exemplify the vast and varied contributions that have brought our Federation and our Jewish community to this transformative time of revitalization and growth: Wes Finch, James H. Nobil Community Leadership Award; Shanna Vinig, James H. Nobil Professional Achievement Award; Bryan Drowos, James and Marjorie Baer Outstanding Young Leadership Award; and Jack Pechter, JFNA National Endowment Achievement Award.

You know, so many people ask me, “Matt, why Federation? Why do I need to support Federation?” Well, at the Annual Meeting I got to ask the question you’re sure to hear from me again. To fully appreciate what our Federation does, what it means, how it affects others, can you imagine this: our community without this Federation?

It is my honor and privilege to share below, albeit without its accompanying Beatles selections, IMAGINE: my Annual Meeting remarks. As always, please let me know your thoughts at asktheceo@bocafed.org on how we can "Come Together" as a community to do even more for those who depend on us in so many ways.


State of the Federation delivered by Matthew C. Levin, President & CEO, at the 2014 Annual Meeting on April 8, 2014

What was the Beatles’ mantra, their big slogan, their signature song?

All You Need is Love, right? A pretty lofty concept, especially for a pragmatist like myself. But when you get down to it, really at the heart of it all. . . what was the motivation that built this Federation? What is the motivation that sustains it? In a word, Love.

Love and concern for those in need.
Love and care for our Jewish heritage.
Love and dedication to a strong, bright and vibrant Jewish future.
Love for that feeling of community and kinship with each other that transcends all differences.
It’s the glue that makes us all do what we do, from day to day and throughout the years, lay leaders and professional staff alike. We do it because it’s in our hearts. But tonight, a little fanfare is definitely fitting.

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A Happy and Meaningful Passover to You and Yours,

Matthew C. Levin, President & CEO
Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County

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