The ties that bind Jews everywhere together are strong. Our extended family in Israel and around the world is never far from our minds and hearts. That’s why our Federations offers educational programs, missions, and cultural programming that connect the South Palm Beach County Jewish community to Israel, and supports world Jewry. In an effort to keep Jewish life and identity strong, we celebrate and advocate for our religion, history and culture, building relationships and community in the process.

Immersive Israel Experiences

Federation offers an array of opportunities for South Palm Beach County community members to connect and build a relationship with Israel.

We invite you to participate in Israel-focused opportunities to support, learn and  explore our Jewish homeland, whose well-being and security is at the core of our mission.

Judi & Allan Schuman Center for Israel Engagement

Federation’s CIE is dedicated to bringing our community to Israel and Israel to our community, through programs, activities and community-wide gatherings. There truly is something for everyone!

An integral part of Federation’s mission is to maintain a strong and unwavering connection to Israel. The Judi and Allan Schuman Center for Israel Engagement does this by supporting programs and activities for members of our Jewish community of all ages and stages of life. There are community missions, scholarships for young people to enable study, gap years and volunteer programs in Israel. The CIE also supports expanded local Israel programming, such as bringing young emissaries from our Jewish homeland to live in South Palm Beach County and Federation’s community-wide festivals for Israel that draw thousands together to celebrate as one people.

Contact Dana Vizner at 561.852.3270 or for more information.


Missions provide a unique opportunity for South Palm Beach County community members to witness the life-changing impact our Federation makes in Israel, and other Jewishly rich environments around the world.

Community members who engage in these active adventures feel more connected – to their sense of Jewish identity and purpose – and help us grow Jewish philanthropy. Thanks to our Federation’s affiliations, mission participants will be able to visit with local residents, attend briefings with community leaders and government officials, and see the fruits of our labor – firsthand – as we see our projects come to life at our partner agency locations.

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The South Palm Beach County “Partnership2Gether” (P2G) program builds a “Gesher Chai” (living bridge),  creating mutually beneficial “people to people” relationships between our Jewish community and Israel’s Zichron Yaakov.

Partnership2Gether (P2G)

This compelling and collaborative program promotes, empowers and develops deep connections, engaging participants on both sides of the world through educational and cultural exchanges, projects and professional programs.  The results of working together include a stimulating and successful synergy that binds lives together in very meaningful – and memorable – ways.

At the heart of our partnership is our “joint steering committee,” made up of volunteers from both communities, plan programs – from visits to video conferences, conversations and more – that build ever-strengthening bonds of friendship, collaboration and understanding.

Young adults, aged 19-30 years, can take advantage of Onward Israel, a forward-facing program offering young adults who have a permanent address or attend college in Boca Raton, Delray Beach or Highland Beach the opportunity to live, learn and work as an intern in Tel Aviv. The eight week summer program focuses on connecting participants to each other and Israel, as they gain invaluable work experience in Israeli companies within their field of study.  

Onward Israel

The trip is a resume-building opportunity and cross-cultural experience all in one!

Onward Israel was designed to engage the next generations with Israel and return home more connected to our Jewish homeland, their fellow program participants, Jewish life and our community.

Birthright Israel

Birthright Israel, a free, 7 or 10 day life-changing trip to Israel for young Jewish adults between the ages of 18 and 26, is out to transform the Jewish future! The program aims to give every young Jewish person an equal opportunity to explore life’s most important questions about identity, community and connection to a homeland. Our Federation is a proud supporter of Birthright Israel!

MASA Israel

Masa Israel is the leader in immersive international experiences for people between the ages of 16 and 35. Their name, which means “journey,” says it all! The organization offers authentic and life-changing journeys through Israeli society, culture, politics and history. Their diverse portfolio of programs in Israel – study abroad, internship, service learning, or Jewish Studies – help participants grow as a person, a professional, and a leader (with a robust global professional network)! Our Federation is a proud supporter of MASA Israel Journey.

Scholarships for Immersive Israel experiences are available through our Federation’s Foundation.