Todays’ suggested actions to support Israel in your local community:

  • Mobilize your community to attend the mass March for Israel on November 14th in Washington DC to show our support for Israel, stand in solidarity with the hostages and denounce antisemitism.
  • Invite your civic leaders and state and local officials to join you at the rally, using this formal invitation letter template.
  • Sign our action alert encouraging your state and local officials to attend the rally or to share a message of support on their social media channels.
  • Post on social media that you are attending the #MarchforIsrael.
  • Read and share the story of 81-year-old Varda Harmati, a child of Holocaust survivors, who was brutally murdered by Hamas terrorists in her home on Kibbutz Re’im on October 7th.

Israel continues to operate a humanitarian corridor allowing for the safe passage of Palestinians to evacuate northern Gaza. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly clear that Hamas is fully aware of the impact its actions have had not just on Israeli civilians but on Palestinian lives as well. 


  • Israel has created a humanitarian corridor allowing Palestinian civilians to safely evacuate to southern Gaza. Since the onset of the war, the IDF has repeatedly issued messages and phone calls in Arabic urging civilians to evacuate southward, and has made personal phone calls to Palestinians asking them to evacuate entire buildings ahead of Israeli airstrikes, in order to save civilian life.
  • Some 50,000 Gazans evacuated southward on Wednesday via the humanitarian corridor, and an estimated 850,000 have evacuated northern Gaza since the beginning of the war.
  • While Hamas has prevented civilians from moving southward by setting up roadblocks and firing on IDF convoys, the IDF is protecting Palestinians along the route.
  • The American administration has reportedly asked Israel to “pause” fighting to allow for humanitarian supplies to reach Gazan civilians.
  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that there will be no ceasefire “without the return of our hostages.” He has added that short term pauses for humanitarian purposes are on the table.
  • Top Hamas officials don’t express regret for the death of civilians, but have presented mass civilian deaths as a “sacrifice” that is necessary “for the liberation of the Palestinian people,” and have removed responsibility from Hamas for protecting Palestinian lives.
  • CNN anchor Jake Tapper presented an analysis of the war and provided important context to the challenging position Hamas has forced Israel into.

Community Spotlight

Charleston Jewish Federation received a transformative grant of $400,000 from the Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs (OJP) to support “Community-based Approaches to Prevent and Address Hate Crimes.” This landmark grant underscores the Federation’s tireless efforts to address and educate about antisemitism and all forms of hate.

The Community Mobilization Center is monitoring major developments in Israel and North America related to Israel’s war against Hamas. The Community Mobilization Center will rapidly disseminate resources to help mobilize and support our local communities as they build and sustain civic and political support for Israel in this conflict. The work of the Community Mobilization Center will continue as long as it takes Israel to eradicate the terrorist threat and restore security to the country.