Jane & Alan Cornell Fund for Israel and Overseas

We understand that our Federation family extends far beyond our county limits to Jews living in more than 70 countries around the world. Together, we build strong bonds and connections to our global Jewish community. We believe in helping those around the world who experience hunger, lack of opportunity and oppression. We bring dignity, joy and comfort to thousands of elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union and in countries around the globe. We do this because we believe that no community should be alone and no Jew should live in fear or despair. When our brothers and sisters are faced with antisemitism we provide resources and security and, in some cases, a safe journey to Israel. We invest in transformational Jewish summer camp programs to build the next generation of leadership. Together, we protect, we empower, and we fulfill the dreams of Jews who yearn for a bright future. Together, with your help, the Federation reaches into every corner of the global Jewish community.

Sarah & Max Pechter Fund for Local Safety Net Services

People are turning to Federation-supported programs and services for help. The vulnerable populations in our community, many living below the poverty line or with a disability, have unmet needs and rely on help enabled by Federation through its beneficiary agencies. Together, we reach out to the most vulnerable among us — from Holocaust survivors to families in crisis – from those who suffer with mental illness to abused and neglected children–to make sure that nobody is left behind.  They find sustenance on the shelves of the food pantry and in the hot meals delivered to their door. They find hope in the faces of volunteers, counselors and caring professionals who offer a helping hand in their hour of need. And, when the strong are weakened by an unforeseen crisis—by a natural disaster, the loss of a job or the devastating loss of a loved one—we are there. Together, with your help, we bring joy and dignity to those who need it most.

Judi & Craig Donoff Fund for Special Needs

We believe that every person has a special role and purpose in the community. We strive to promote an inclusive, spirited environment that celebrates the diversity and the uniqueness of each member of our Jewish community. Together, we believe that everyone — regardless of ability — deserves to live with dignity, respect, and happiness. Federation and its agency partners offer empowering programs to assist individuals of all skill levels and experiences living with an intellectual disability, mental illness, or physical disability or chronic disease. At Federation, we work with our agencies, schools and camps to develop a culture of inclusion. Together, we make it possible for people with special needs and different abilities to learn, grow, and succeed together in one inclusive Jewish community. Together, with your help, we lift the spirits of our community members and make a difference.

Jewish Life & Learning

Federation strengthens and enhances our community by creating experiences that build and bolster Jewish identity. We help bring books and music free of charge into the homes of local Jewish children. We support an array of programs that engage teens in Jewish identity and learning, Israel advocacy, and far more. Our young adults connect and learn through opportunities on their college campuses and in Israel. We understand that educating the next generation of Jews in our community is critical to its strength and vibrancy in the future. Together, in partnership with our Jewish day schools, we provide educational excellence and give children a substantive Jewish identity built on a strong foundation of Jewish learning and values. Together, we prepare teachers and support staff by providing professional learning opportunities. We support Holocaust education including how apply the lessons of the Holocaust to understand the consequences of prejudice and bigotry; and to identify behaviors that discriminate against people. Together, with your help. we ensure that our children and all members of our community have meaningful Jewish experiences.