Today’s suggested actions to support Israel in your local community:

  • Thank your elected officials who demonstrated their support for Israel by showing up to Tuesday’s historic #MarchforIsrael.
  • Share the livestream of the event with your civic partners who were unable to attend in person.
  • Send a digital message of love and support to our brothers and sisters in Israel.
  • Sign our action alert strongly supporting the measure to fully fund critical security assistance for Israel in its fight to destroy Hamas.
  • Read and share the story of Yuval Baron and Moshe Shuva, an engaged couple that was planning to wed next February. Yuval had already purchased her wedding dress. The two were murdered by Hamas terrorists at the Supernova Music Festival.

According to the IDF, special forces carried out a “precise and targeted operation against Hamas in a defined area in the Shifa hospital,” based on operational necessity and intelligence of the hospital’s usage as a headquarters for Hamas activities.


  • As mentioned previously, Shifa hospital is a key target in Israel’s operations to dismantle the terrorist organization and end Hamas’ oppressive rule over Gaza.
  • The IDF released initial footage of some of the Hamas rifles, ammunition, bullet-proof vests and booklets with instructions on how to attacks Israelis that were hidden within the hospital in closets and behind MRI machines, calling the findings just “the tip of the iceberg.”
  • The IDF also revealed that it found laptops in the hospital with photos and videos of hostages taken after they were kidnapped to Gaza.
  • As troops were operating inside the hospital, the IDF also delivered medical supplies and baby equipment – including incubators – that were brought into Gaza in Israeli tanks and Armored Personnel Carriers. The IDF brought in medical teams and Arabic-speaking soldiers to ensure that the supplies reach the patients who are still being treated in the hospital.
  • The Pentagon acknowledged that, “Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad uses some hospitals in the Gaza Strip, including the al-Shifa hospital, as a way to conceal and support their military operations and hold hostages.”
  • As shared earlier this week, The IDF opened a safe passage on the eastern side of the hospital to evacuate civilians. The IDF is continuing to urge residents of northern Gaza to move southward towards safety, taking advantage of what it called “a tactical pause of military operation for humanitarian purposes.”
  • Using hospitals as a base for terrorist operations is not a new tactic. The Al Salem hospital in Mosul was used by ISIS as a base for its attacks and was bombed by American troops.

Community Spotlight

Over 600 people tuned in for a special Town Hall Briefing on Israel with eight South Florida Congresspeople to show their solidarity with the Jewish community and reiterate America’s role in supporting Israel in the war against Hamas and the release of the hostages. The event was organized by Jewish Federations in Broward, South Palm Beach and Palm Beach, together with local partner organizations.

The Community Mobilization Center is monitoring major developments in Israel and North America related to Israel’s war against Hamas. The Community Mobilization Center will rapidly disseminate resources to help mobilize and support our local communities as they build and sustain civic and political support for Israel in this conflict. The work of the Community Mobilization Center will continue as long as it takes Israel to eradicate the terrorist threat and restore security to the country.