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    Join a JDC Webinar, focusing on the organization’s efforts to respond to the current crisis: Wednesday, November 29th at noon (ET). Register here.

    Arab and Jewish Israelis joint responses: Join this webinar to hear from Shira Ohana and Hanan Alsanah about inspiring joint emergency responses from the earliest days of the war, and what they are doing today to preserve a shared future for all residents of the Negev. November 28, 12 noon ET. Register here.

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  • The Latest:

    Overnight, the Israeli government voted to approve a limited hostage deal with Hamas, brokered by Qatar, with assistance from the US, Egypt, and others:

    Following a marathon eight-hour meeting, Israel’s government voted late last night to approve a deal that would enable a limited hostage exchange. See details below.

    From recent polling research by Jewish Federations: 72% of public supports humanitarian pause for hostage release; only 20% want unconditional ceasefire. Read more.

    Hamas will release at least 50 women and children, and will not release children without their mothers. A full list of those being released will be provided by Hamas tonight (Wednesday evening, Israel Time). The hostages will be released at a rate of 12-15 each day for four days, with the first set likely to come out on Thursday.

    The 50 slated for release include 30 children, eight mothers, and twelve elderly women whose lives are considered to be at risk. Read more here about the children.

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