The Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County continues to aid our long-time partners in Israel, such as The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), as it offers critical assistance to Israelis, such as Ido Atary, who are recovering from the war. Ido, an evacuee from Sderot in southern Israel, vividly recalls the night when his entire world was upended.

“My whole life flashed before my eyes. I was certain that I wouldn’t make it out alive. If there’s one thing, one thought, one predominant feeling, it’s to protect the souls of our children, our babies,” he said, reflecting on the harrowing experience.

Sderot, an entire town of people, was evacuated to a hotel near the Dead Sea almost overnight. Amidst the chaos, JDC helped to reinvent daily life for the displaced community within the confines of a hotel.

“We were evacuated to this hotel at the Dead Sea. Our entire system collapsed, our educational system…everything,” Atary added.

JDC, in collaboration with Israel’s Ministry of Education, established temporary schools and kindergartens for the approximately 2,500 evacuated children. Uncertain of when these families can return home, JDC is committed to providing stability and enrichment for these children for the foreseeable future.  Each child received a backpack with his or her name on it and is working with teachers who are dedicated to continuing their education.

JDC not only addresses immediate needs, but also assesses the broader picture of the challenges these residents face. It has created a network of assistance, including teams of educational psychologists specializing in trauma.

Thanks to Federation’s partners in Israel and your contributions to the Israel Emergency Fund, vulnerable communities are being uplifted, and their resilience is being strengthened. The transformation of Sderot’s evacuation is a testament to the indomitable spirit of people coming together to rebuild and recover.

With you, we can continue to provide critical aid to Israeli citizens. To contribute to the Israel Emergency Fund visit