Week of 12/6/23 Israel Impact Update

As the war continues, addressing the mental, emotional and physical well-being of Israelis is a priority. Partner agencies supported by the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County are responding to the countless needs with compassion and urgency.

Your gifts to Federation’s Israel Emergency Fund and Annual Campaign is enabling our partner agencies — Yashar LaChayal, Israeli hospitals and mental health centers, and Yad LaKashish — to provide crucial aid to those affected by the conflict.

With you, we can help soldiers, patients and the elderly feel supported. Thank you.

Yashar LaChayal

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis are serving in the IDF, leaving their families, homes, and jobs to defend Israel. Federation’s long-standing partner, Yashar LaChayal, is at the forefront of providing humanitarian support for Israeli soldiers at all times, especially during the war. Yashar LaChayal is dedicated to helping ensure that Israeli soldiers are more comfortable during their service, while they are protecting our homeland.

Currently, Yashar Lachayal is giving out fleece jackets, thermals, socks, underwear, headlamps, hygiene products, medical equipment, first aid kits, haircutting equipment, water jugs, neck warmers, hats, and more. Further, when Federation learned of an urgent need for a unit in the north, we quickly distributed funds to Yashar LaChayal, so that they could purchase special silent generators to provide soldiers with crucial power, when electricity cuts out. Federation proudly supports Israel’s soldiers at all times, but especially during wartime.

Hospitals and Mental Health Centers   

Following the horrific events of October 7, the Israeli hospital system has treated thousands of patients who were injured and continues to treat those wounded while in combat. Federation supports 27 general hospitals and four rehabilitation hospitals, by purchasing urgently needed medical equipment, which strengthens their emergency response capabilities.

Additionally, 10 psychiatric hospitals have received Federation funding to provide mental health services to those most affected by the war.

Yad LaKashish

Yad LaKashish’s mission is to give Jerusalem’s needy elderly a sense of purpose and self-worth through creative work opportunities, essential support services and a warm community environment. Since the start of the war, the elderly served by Yad LaKashish have been suffering from increased financial burden, increased loneliness, and fear of the unknown.

After a brief closure for safety concerns, Yad LaKashish has been able to reopen its doors for its elderly clients, all of whom are finding it more challenging to purchase and prepare food.  Federation’s support allows Yad LaKashish to offer additional hot, nutritious meals for the elderly to enjoy together. Especially during the war, Yad LaKashish’s vulnerable population needs the daily healthy routine and financial support that Federation’s Emergency and Annual Campaigns are helping to provide.

Together, we exemplify the strength of community, reminding us that even in challenging times, the power of compassion and solidarity can light the path toward a brighter, more resilient future.

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