Today’s suggested actions to support Israel in your local community:

  • Share these social media posts on Instagram detailing the awful ways Hamas treats hostages.
  • Learn about how Israel is keeping in line with the rules of war and humanitarian aid in this article from West Point’s Lieber Institute.
  • Watch and share the testimony of the Shin Bet where the head of a Gaza hospital disclosed that medical facilities serve as operational hubs for Hamas terrorist activities. The IDF substantiated this revelation by releasing video evidence of a medical clinic being utilized to undermine IDF forces.
  • Watch and share the story of Yarden Roman-Gat, who was held for 54 days before, who gave a deeply emotional interview to 60 Minutes describing her experiences while also imploring that those who remain behind not be forgotten.
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The Israel war with Hamas, which is now being fought on multiple fronts, is in its 75th day and focus continues to remain on the plight of the Israeli hostages and ongoing effort to secure their release.


  • The IDF says it has hit over 22,000 targets in Gaza. It estimates that over 5,000 terrorists have been killed, including over 70 top Hamas commanders, and that it arrested another 500 terrorists.
  • Most recently, Israel has succeeded in breaking operational abilities of Hamas’s northern Gaza City brigade.
  • The IDF reported that over 1,500 tunnel shafts and passageways have been discovered since the beginning of the war with the majority of them identified within civilian sites or UN facilities.
  • While over 100 hostages have been released, Israel continues to work for the freedom of the remaining 115 still being held captive in Gaza. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have released video clips in recent days of captives, including some of the oldest men still being held under their control, as part of their ongoing psychological terror efforts against Israeli society.
  • Media reports focused on speculation that Hamas was considering accepting a ceasefire deal which would also secure the release of 40 additional hostages but Israeli sources stressed that the process was still in negotiations.
  • Israel continues to increase efforts focused on providing humanitarian aid to the Gazan civilian population including daily humanitarian pauses where civilians are provided with several hours to restock on food and water.
  • Focus also continues to be paid to ongoing tensions in the Red Sea where Iranian-backed militias have been attacking commercial vessels representing a global threat to commerce as explained on CNN. In response, the US announced a multi-national force that will be put in place to combat the threat.
  • The Leiber Institute of West Point published a review of Israel’s commitment to protecting civilians and providing humanitarian aid, arguing its actions are wholly legitimate given the nature of combat and the obstacles that Hamas puts forth specifically to endanger civilians.“The international community must avoid imposing impossible burdens on a State actor [Israel] who is fighting an irregular force which flagrantly violates international law by kidnapping hostages, deliberately targeting civilians, and by forcing its own civilians to act as human shields. While Israel is committed to adhering to the laws of war, it must not be asked to supply enemy combatants with the sustenance required for them to continue their fight,” the author wrote.

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