There are many values that tie the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County with our ‘home away from home’ in Israel, Zichron Yaakov, but Hachnasat orchim, welcoming guests, is one that we have both embodied during these challenging times.

Our Partnership2Gether program is a “living bridge” that ties the South Palm Beach County community with Zichron Yaakov, building bonds of friendship and connection. Even in the darkest of days, our Jewish communities locally and in Zichron are living our values, by opening our hearts to Israeli families, who have been impacted and mobilizing support for those in need.

Creating a warm welcome for 40 families

Federation partner, the Jewish Agency for Israel, through the Israel Emergency Campaign, evacuated 40 Ethiopian Israeli families to Zichron from an absorption center in Ashkelon. Members of our partnership community programs in Zichron welcomed the families, which include young children, and are coordinating special initiatives to make them feel at-home. Our partnership youth group participants and alumni are organizing soccer games for the children to provide moments of respite and fun. The partnership is also adapting our longstanding “Be Our Guest” program to provide shampoo, soap, diapers and other essentials to each family to ensure they have what they need to feel a warm welcome.

Our Federation has a vested interest in Zichron’s safety. So when we learned of an urgent need for 20 protective tactical vests for Zichron’s Home Guard, we were able to swiftly meet this need, as part of our Israel Emergency Campaign. The Home Guard plays a vital role in local security, which is closely connected to the National Police and maintains ties with the Israel Defense Force. The Home Guard, a department of the municipality’s security department, is essential to ensuring the safety of the community.

With you, we are able to meet these critical requests

Our community’s strength and care for Jews worldwide is never more evident than it is in this moment. We are especially inspired by our partners in Israel, who are welcoming evacuated families and by our own community’s response to support those in need. Together, we are demonstrating what it means for all of us to be responsible for one another, kol yisrael arevim zeh bazeh.

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