When deciding whether to make a Jewish Future Pledge, Debra and Larry Halperin didn’t have to look far – just into the faces of their children and grandchildren.

“As we reflect on our lives and the blessings of parents and grandparents who inspired us to invest in our Jewish people, here and in Israel, we treasure the opportunity and responsibility to make this pledge for our children and grandchildren,” said Debra Halperin, Chair of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County’s Annual Campaign.

Chairs of the Jewish Future Pledge Debra and Larry Halperin of Boca Raton

The Jewish Future Pledge is a two-year pilot program to promote a culture of legacy giving in communities across North America. The Jewish Future Pledge calls on all Jews to sign a pledge that commits half or more of the charitable giving in their estate plan to support the Jewish people and/or the State of Israel. Whether it is for $10 or $10 million, every pledge contributes to securing a Jewish future for all. The Halperins have been named as chairs for the local initiative. Both bring a wealth of experience in the Jewish community, as well as a deep commitment to Jewish life.

“As proud beneficiaries and guardians of this most precious legacy, we are honored to support this impressive endeavor and look forward to our friends and family joining us,” said Larry Halperin. “We are so excited to stand together with our worldwide Jewish community and make this happen.”

Mike Leven of St. Andrews co-founded the national effort

The Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation (JJCF) in Boca Raton is part of a cohort of 11 Jewish communities, which includes Portland, Tidewater (VA), Dallas, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Greater Metro West (NJ), Miami, Toronto, Birmingham and Houston. Cohort Federations, such as the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, will educate its specific community about the importance of the Pledge, encouraging individuals to sign and share it with their family and friends.

In 2018, the Chronicle of Philanthropy reported that $9 trillion will pass down to the next generation by 2027, according to a report issued by Locus Impact Investing, in partnership with the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship.

The Jewish Future Pledge seeks to leverage this wealth transfer to secure the financial future of the Jewish people by directing hundreds of billions of dollars toward Jewish and Israel-related causes.

“The Jewish Future Pledge is thrilled to partner with local organizations like the Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation, as we work together to support the critical work of securing our Jewish future for Jewish communities big and small,” said Jewish Future Pledge Co-Founder Mike Leven. “Our strategic partnership will accelerate our new movement’s expansion across the country, as we work to secure the funds needed to ensure that Jewish life is sustained for generations to come.”

Taking the Pledge is easy – see who’s already signed up

Building on the success of the JJCF’s Create a Jewish Legacy initiative, Foundation Chair Laurence I. Blair said, “The Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation is proud to partner with the Jewish Future Pledge. Our goals are the same: to secure the Jewish future FOREVER. Our partnership makes it easy for those in South Palm Beach County to ensure that a strong Jewish community is part of their legacy.”

You can take the pledge by visiting www.jewishboca.org/JewishFuturePledge or contacting Cathrine Fischer Schwartz, CFRE, at 561.852.3120 or CathrineS@bocafed.org for more information.

See who has already made their pledge: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yjdonbrre4unwzx/JFP%20South%20Palm%20Beach%20Federation%20Video.mp4?dl=0