In Israel, the difference between life and death can be the arrival of help on an ambucycle.

One recent afternoon, Barak was called into action. As a member of United Hatzalah, Barak is part of an emergency-response volunteer corps that reacts when they receive a proximity-based GPS alert. Barak was nearest to the accident, when two taxis collided along Nachlielli Street in Nahariya, Israel. Witnesses urgently called for help.

Barak was able to reach the victims quickly, and he initiated treatment until an ambulance crew arrived. The patients were prepped and transferred to the hospital. His speedy intervention was possible thanks to his assigned ambucycle #676, which was purchased with your gifts made to the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County. To make a donation toward Israel-focused support, click here.*

When time is of the essence, ambucycles erase minutes

United Hatzalah’s ambucycles are consistently called into action.

One day, on a construction site near Kfar Shmaryahu, a worked slipped and fell down a shaft, slamming his head hard on the ground. Upon seeing this, his coworkers immediately called United Hatzalah dispatch. Volunteer Amitai was nearby when he received the alert.

Once on-site, bystanders directed him to where the worker had fallen. The experienced medic carefully descended a makeshift ladder, where he found the patient suffering from a large gash on his head and a possible spinal injury. Amitai provided C-spine stabilization, securing the man’s neck in place with a brace. Then, he cleaned and bandaged the man’s head wound. Firefighters soon arrived on scene and used ladders and a pulley system to extricate the man to safety.

Thank you from us, United Hatzalah and those in Israel who need care quickly

Watch here as Mariam and Jennifer explain why they chose to devote their time to helping others using ambucycles. Thank you for making the important partnership between the Jewish community of South Palm Beach County and United Hatzalah possible. Together, we thrive!

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