Since October 7th, our community along with Jewish Federations nationwide have joined together to stand in solidarity with Israel and raise critical funds needed for our partners in Israel. In these challenging times, our partner agencies continue to show their unwavering commitment to the well-being of their communities and all of Israel. Through Latet, JDC, the Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC), and over 60 incredible organizations, we are witnessing acts of resilience, compassion, and collaboration that reflect the strength of our shared values.


Since the start of the war, Latet has provided thousands of food packages and hygiene boxes to Holocaust survivors, elderly, soldiers, reservists, and families, including 1,590 units of baby formula. Latet is responding to the needs of Holocaust survivors who reported that they are severely lacking food and are suffering from loneliness and/or anxiety. Latet’s volunteers delivered food boxes personally to Holocaust survivors and stayed with them to provide companionship in a time of increased isolation, due to the disruption of the war.


JDC is addressing the most pressing needs of those hardest hit by the atrocities: coordinating private sector support, providing a digital platform to match needs to local services, and placing professionals to serve as point persons at the hotels housing evacuees. For 10,600 Israelis who have been evacuated from the south to hotels throughout the country, JDC is coordinating civil service initiatives to assist them. Each day, JDC makes more than 100 phone calls to Russian-speaking homebound elderly living under daily rocket fire in Ashkelon. The callers are JDC professionals located in the former Soviet Union (FSU), who use their experience in working with older adults in the FSU to assess needs and offer emotional and social support.

Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC)

The Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC) is a cornerstone in the national treatment of trauma and emergency preparedness in Israel. ITC’s Southern Resilience Centers offer a unique model that provides a seamless response along the continuum from emergency preparedness through the emergency, and recovery. To date, they have received 4,000 requests for emotional help in evacuated areas. A new ITC National Resilience Center has been established which will provide therapeutic sessions to those who reside in places where there were no such centers. Demand for help is nearly three times that recorded during previous crisis situations. Jewish Federations are supporting the provision of care for evacuees, first-responders, and medical professionals, along with a national hotline.

Our impact is being felt everyday by the thousands affected by the ongoing situation. We thank our generous community for their contributions and invite you to donate to the Israel Emergency Campaign, through which 100% of funds raised will go to our partner agencies in Israel.

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