OneTable, a national non-profit organization that empowers people in their 20s and 30s to envision new rituals and build community through Shabbat dinners, has launched locally, in partnership with the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County.

Federation’s support of this new offering is the result of a four-year planning effort implemented by a committee of community leaders led by Chair Anne Jacobson and Vice Chair Carol Smokler. The committee was tasked with identifying opportunities to strengthen South Palm Beach County’s Jewish community. After determining additional opportunities for young adults was a top priority, OneTable became a leading initiative to offer.

A rapidly growing “spiritual startup,” OneTable encourages engagement.

OneTable was mentioned in the 2020 Pew Study of Jewish Americans as one of the rapidly growing “spiritual startups” that are breaking down barriers to engaging and reaching young Jews.

OneTable has launched a South Palm Beach County hub to encourage entry into the Jewish community for young adults, to support them in ritual and community building through hosting and attending Shabbat dinners, and to enable local events and strengthen partnerships with other organizations that are serving a similar demographic. As part of these efforts, OneTable has hired a Field Manager, Nadav Davidson, (

With the launch of OneTable in South Palm Beach County, interested community members can become a host at and start enjoying OneTable’s resources, like up to $10 of Nourishment for up to 10 guests every Friday night.

DIY Shabbats

OneTable’s DIY approach to Shabbat—tailored support, coaching, and online resources to make ritual personally meaningful, plus financial boosts in the form of “Nourishment Credits,” if cost is a barrier for hosts—enables the host and their guests to create the dinner and community experience that is most authentic to them.

The OneTable formula is simple, cost effective, and is having an impact. Survey respondents say that because of OneTable:

87% find meaning in spending time with community on Shabbat
72% say Shabbat adds a spiritual dimension to their Friday night
65% try to pause and relax at the end of the week
53% feel Friday night is different from the rest of the week

Nationally, just this year, OneTable has supported 3,600 unique hosts across the country in creating nearly 20,000 dinners and 112,000 seats at the table for over 33,000 people 21-40 years old. To learn more, visit