Partners in Jewish Life,” an event celebrating Jewish Unity Day, welcomed hundreds of participants to the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County campus, on May 24, 2023.

Hosted by the Deborah & Larry D. Silver Center for Jewish Engagement (CJE), a division of the Federation, the event featured video presentations, celebratory music, and a carefully curated peer-to-peer learning program that leveled the playing field for both novices and experts to contribute to the conversations.

After a several-year-long hiatus due to COVID, Rabbi Josh Broide, kicked off the program by stating the event’s intentions – to unite Jewish people of varying opinions, backgrounds and beliefs for a night of conversations in a safe, open environment.

The Jewish community members present included those of Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and unaffiliated beliefs. The vast array of backgrounds, creeds, and experiences provided opportunity for meaningful discussion.

See Jewish unity in action!

Each guest was paired with another and given a booklet that provided them with Torah passages and topics to break the ice. They were followed by discussion prompts that asked attendees to connect with each other and accept the possibility of a difference in opinions.

“Jewish Unity Day encouraged individuals to proactively work towards a more united community and to help create new relationships, rooted in friendship and respect,” Broide said. The following quote below was referenced in the video, which opened the evening’s activities:

“I don’t need you to agree with me; I need you to care about me.” – Rabbi Sacks’ Seven Principles of Peoplehood

For more information about bringing this program to your community, please contact Rabbi Josh Broide at (561) 702-3864.