According to the Anti-Defamation League, which tracks anti-Semitic behavior nationwide, 2,717 incidents were recorded in 2021 – a 34 percent rise from the year before, which averages out to more than seven anti-Semitic incidents per day.*

In response, one Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County (JFSPBC) family’s generosity is going a long way toward promoting safety in the local Jewish community. Jeff and Nicole Goldberg provided a significant philanthropic gift to underwrite Stop the Bleed® kits for use in emergency response and community training.

A Stop the Bleed® kit in every classroom and multiple kits in every organization

Two years ago, the JFSPBC partnered with the Secure Community Network (SCN), the official safety and security organization of the Jewish community in North America, to establish a local community security program. Since then, Federation’s Community Security Director Alan Poland has been working alongside Jewish organizations to enhance their preparedness. This goal is accomplished through conducting facility assessments, drafting emergency procedures, enhancing physical security, liaising with law enforcement and emergency response partners, and sharing intelligence and training.

The three core pieces of training are BeAware, Countering Active Threat Training (CATT), and Stop the Bleed®. BeAware is a situational awareness training that teaches attendees how to recognize suspicious and potentially dangerous behavior and what to do if this should occur. CATT covers what to do if faced with an active threat and what to do when law enforcement arrives. Stop the Bleed® provides skills to prevent the loss of life, due to injuries that cause heavy bleeding by teaching attendees how to use direct pressure, pack a deep wound, and utilize a tourniquet properly.

“The JFSPBC and SCN are extremely grateful to Jeffrey and Nicole Goldberg for their generosity and commitment to ensuring our community meets its goal of preparation and resilience. Through their gift, the partnering organizations are positioned to provide training to the community and to supply a Stop the Bleed® kit in every classroom and multiple kits in every organization within our Jewish community,” said JFSPBC President and CEO Matt Levin.

Is there anything more important than protecting our community?

“In this current environment, is there anything more important than protecting our community? Stop the Bleed ® is a proactive program that hopes for the best, but ensures our community is prepared for one of these unfortunate events we all read about daily,” said Jeff Goldberg.

On August 21, Poland trained Jeff, Nicole, Jake, Logan, and Riley Goldberg on how the kits work. The Goldbergs hope to encourage other donors to make similar investments in safety and security should there be an attack on a local synagogue, school, or Jewish organization.

“Until we can address the root causes of these shootings and anti-Semitic acts of violence, Nicole and I want to make sure everyone here affiliated with the Federation has access to the training and education to save lives if we ever were put in such a situation,” said Jeff Goldberg.

If you are interested in learning more about JFSPBC’s commitment to supporting the work of SCN, or if you would like information on funding a project you are passionate about, please contact the JFSPBC Campaign Department at 561.852.3142.