Join us for the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County’s Israel@75 Mission, celebrating 75 years of Modern Israel. Our Mission will kick-off in Tel Aviv on Sunday, October 15, 2023, and end in Jerusalem on Sunday, October 22, 2023.

Whether you are a regular traveler or first-timer, our Israel@75 Mission is for you! We will explore our homeland’s history, growth and progress, rejoice in its innovative spirit, change and resilience, and connect to the land and the people.

“We know from experience two things. First, those who attend will make long-standing, great, new friends because there is always a unique camaraderie on Federation missions, especially our Community Mission. Second, I’ve seen the preliminary itinerary and it really looks amazing. We will get to see places that the general public just doesn’t get to visit,” said Mission Co-Chair Chuck Lichtman, who is sharing co-chair duties with his wife, Gayle.

“We have the opportunity to be part of history in a place rich in historical significance,” said Mission Co-Chair Carol Lazar, who is sharing co-chair duties with her husband, Andy. “In three-quarters of a century, Israel has transformed into the thriving innovative hub, culturally diverse, vibrant society we know it to be today.”

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Fast Fact about Israel
Did you know that … on May 14, 1948, Israel was officially declared a state, with David Ben-Gurion, head of the Jewish agency, as Prime Minister? With statehood came the end of the British Mandate over Israel.