Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County hosts special series that explores the history and evolution of the global conflict; series is free, beginning July 19th

When the conflict in Israel and Gaza escalated earlier this year, we watched and worried. Theories and assumptions multiplied in response to the violence, but how many were accurate or based in truth?

The leadership of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County viewed this collective confusion as an opportunity to provide a more comprehensive historical and political context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in an educational setting.

The Jewish Federation of SPBC, in partnership with the Judi and Allan Schuman Center for Israel Engagement, will host a free, six-part interactive virtual educational series, led by Avi Melamed, titled The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A View From The Region. Melamed is an Israeli educator, independent Middle East strategic intelligence analyst, author of “Inside the Middle East: Making Sense of the Most Dangerous and Complicated Region on Earth” and co-author of “Separate and Unequal.”

Beginning July 19, join us Mondays at noon to journey through history

Kicking off July 19, the talks begin each Monday at noon and will build on the previous one, guiding guests through a journey of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict’s beginnings to present day, and exploring how the Middle East has influenced the relationship. To register for the series, visit:

“This series traces how events and developments in the Middle East shaped – and continue to shape – the course of the conflict and its trajectory,” Melamed said. “Understanding the history and evolution and the links in the chain offers a platform for out-of-the-box thinking to promote a productive and sustainable arrangement that could provide Israelis and Palestinians a constructive breakthrough. And finally, this series provides a framework for constructive, productive, and unifying conversations to bridge differing and opposing views.”

Session Descriptions:

Session 1: 1800s – 1939 Seeds of the Conflict | Zionism, Early Arab Nationalism, Islamism

Session 2: 1939 – 1967 Struggle for Identity, Path, Direction in Arab World & Impact on the Conflict

Session 3: 1967 – 1987 The Road to a Direct Israeli-Palestinian Collision

Session 4: 1987 – 2007 High Hopes & Painful Reality | The Conflict Escalates

Session 5: 2007 – 2021 Arab Spring, Hegemonic Visions & their Impact on the Course of the Conflict

Session 6: The Southern & Northern Border IntelEdventure & Personal EncounTour | The Places You Go and The People You Meet: This session will combine custom footage and interviews from the Gaza Border and the Lebanese Border. And at least two people from the regions (one from the Gaza Border and one from the Lebanese border) will join the call live for an open Q&A.

To register for the series, visit: For more information, call 561-852-3100.

For attendees who may experience scheduling conflicts during the series, the sessions will be recorded for later viewing on the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County’s YouTube channel.

Generously sponsored by the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, the Judi and Allan Schuman Center for Israel Engagement and the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of South Palm Beach County