More than a month has passed since the terrible initiation of the war being fought in Israel’s defense and for its safety. In that time, our community has demonstrated its unwavering support for her statehood and the return of the more than 239 hostages still being held captive. It’s with immense pride that I share these stories from our Federation and its incredible lay leaders, friends, donors and partner agencies.

Marching on Washington D.C. November 14

A war unlike any other we’ve experienced in recent memory requires a response like no other. On Tuesday, Nov. 14, the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County will join other communities across the country with a massive response of solidarity, urgency and action, as we March for Israel on the National Mall in Washington D.C. To join us, click here

A warm welcome for Israeli families who are temporarily ‘Floridians’

A gentle smile and a warm hug go a long way in the middle of turmoil. So when Jewish families, fleeing Israel for safety, arrived in Florida earlier in October, they were greeted with smiles, hugs, and a safe space in which to take a breath during a tumultuous time.

Soon after the war escalated, the Chabad Israel Center of Boca Raton began receiving calls from parents seeking a respite for their children, and the Chabad contacted the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County to assist in helping them. The initial aim was to provide a peaceful place for their children to socialize, learn, and feel a sense of normalcy.

On October 30, just 10 days after the need was solidified, Federation proudly launched the new program for nearly 30 K-12 students and a waiting list of others who are interested. The program’s success is built on Federation’s partnership with Chabad Israel Center, which welcomed and referred families, teachers and volunteers; the Adolph and Rose Levis JCC, which is providing safe, bright indoor and outdoor spaces; and Rales Jewish Family Services, which is managing the intake of families and establishing how to address any other needs.

Proudly wearing our #BlueRibbonsforIsrael

The Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County is joining #JewishFederations across the country, in showing our solidarity with the hostages still being held by Hamas, by wearing and sharing blue ribbons, both on our lapels and around our campus. Blue ribbon pins are being distributed to our on-campus schools, for students and staff to wear, and they are being handed out at Federation events. To order additional blue ribbons, click here.

As the media narratives shift, we want to keep the hostages top of mind and remind the world that we want them returned safely home to their families, who are experiencing unimaginable trauma. While they remain captive, make your voices heard by contacting your local and national elected officials and urging them to share their support of Israel. #BringThemHome

To stay abreast of our global and local efforts to support Israel and its people during the war, please click here.