Matthew C. Levin

President & CEO

Matt Levin joined the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County as President and CEO in 2012 with a powerful vision and commitment to building and strengthening our diverse Jewish community. His tenure has been marked by a wide array of successful initiatives designed to engage and connect local residents, leaders and organizations with an inclusive Federation that serves as a vibrant, effective hub for the Jewish community.

By developing innovative new partnerships and ensuring that the Federation is a strong, wise investment for the well-being of our community and our people today and into the future, the Federation’s Annual Campaign has turned around with yearly increases, and our Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation’s endowment is growing significantly. In addition, participation is growing rapidly at a widening array of activities from parlor meetings through large-scale community-wide events.

Matt’s tenure at the Federation has also been highlighted by the construction and opening of Sinai Residences of Boca Raton, a Continuing Care Retirement Community on a large north parcel of the 100-acre Federation campus. This most significant Federation building project since the original south campus will generate revenue for vital community concerns while also providing needed senior housing, and an expansion is in active planning.

Matt’s extensive advocacy experience has also further advanced the Federation’s efforts. Matt joined the Federation after 25 years with AIPAC, where he served most recently as Southeastern States Director and Florida Regional Director. At AIPAC, he had primary responsibility for expanding the area's major gifts program, including building its endowment. He also proved his expertise in strategic planning, leadership and community development, programming and legislative affairs.

A proud Florida native raised in Hollywood, Matt's parents were deeply involved in their synagogue, Federation and JCC. He got an early start in Jewish communal leadership with Florida Region and Gold Coast Council of AZA in high school. Matt resides in Broward County, where his two younger sons attend high school at David Posnack Jewish Day School. A Posnack graduate, Matt’s oldest son attends college in Gainesville.

Latest Messages from Matt

Urgent Message From Our CEO in Israel

Jun 27, 2017

Urgent Message From Our CEO in Israel

I am writing from the Jewish Agency meetings in Israel, where the Prime Minister and his cabinet have made a pair of decisions that together could threaten the unity of the Jewish people and diaspora-Israel relations. First, the Israeli government suspended the historic 2016 "one wall for one people" Kotel Agreement for cynical political reasons. Second, the government introduced a bill that, if passed, would return a full monopoly to Israel’s Chief Rabbinate regarding conversions. South Palm Beach County has been a national leader in understanding that pluralism is crucial for Jewish unity, and our voices are needed now.

Our Federation. Our Community. Our World.  Our 2017 Annual Meeting.

May 5, 2017

Our Federation. Our Community. Our World. Our 2017 Annual Meeting.

When the lights went down and a live feed from members of our March of the Living delegation in Poland appeared onscreen, the theme of our 2017 Annual Meeting came alive. For the enthusiastic Federation leaders and donors, rabbis and agency heads, volunteers and staff who packed Zinman Hall on April 25 at the evening chaired by Margie and Ed Marlowe, there could be no doubt. We are, indeed, Our Federation. Our Community. Our World. As we celebrated our year’s many achievements, I urged our leaders to look ahead fully cognizant of the major demographic shift advancing around us - and its impact on our ability to meet the growing needs of our large Jewish community and our Jewish world. I also set a course to take our community collaboration to a whole new level.

Message From Our CEO – Protecting Our Own Anatevka

Feb 22, 2017

Message From Our CEO – Protecting Our Own Anatevka

Why has Tevye become one of the most iconic characters in our Jewish narrative? And not just Tevye alone, but his community, Anatevka? Last week was a sad chapter in our own piece of the earth, our Anatevka, as two of South Palm Beach County’s great Jewish spiritual leaders endured a campaign of defamation and threats over a speaking invitation their synagogue had extended. This small but vocal group of Jews that perpetrated these attacks are no better than the Cossacks on horseback setting fire at a wedding. Being Jewish doesn’t make them an exception. It makes them exceptionally worse.

Message From Our CEO – Forward from a Phenomenal Year

Sep 9, 2016

Message From Our CEO – Forward from a Phenomenal Year

With our new season beginning and a New Year on the horizon, I’m looking forward to sharing news and perspectives with you again after a very busy hiatus. And I’m proud to tell you that our busy 2015-16 season led our Federation to some great accomplishments on behalf of our community. Our new season is already in gear, on the heels of an Annual Campaign that, increasing once again, brought in more than $15 million; and amid our Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation’s significant growth. Now I’m headed off to Washington, DC with 50 of our community’s brightest, most caring and dedicated women, for the biennial International Lion of Judah Conference, where own Emily Grabelsky will receive the prestigious Kipnis-Wilson/Friedland Award.

Reacting to the Scourge of Terror

Jul 25, 2016

Reacting to the Scourge of Terror

Nice, Istanbul, Orlando, Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino…. The list keeps growing with attacks in more and more cities and countries. When will it stop? When will good, freedom-loving people stop dying at the hands of terrorists?