Apr 27, 2022

Experience Federation’s premiere 30’s and 40’s Division – Get Ready for….

This is not your grandparent’s Federation. Whether you’re from the area or a newcomer, 3049 is a whole new division, filled with infinite possibilities. We are building a welcoming space open to singles and couples in their 30’s and 40’s looking to build friendships and make an impact on the local and global Jewish community.  
3049 is the group that will connect you to what and who you’re interested in within South Palm Beach County. Join us for Sunday brunch, evening cocktails, empowering speakers, outdoor adventures, travel and so much more.   
The Jewish Federation seeks to build and sustain a strong, caring, vibrant Jewish community for today and tomorrow. 3049 is your opportunity to make your mark. Discover what our Jewish community can offer you! 
3049 Co Chairs: Rachel Schrager and Benji Gene
We can’t wait to hear from you! Join us for one of our upcoming programs. Please contact our 3049 Director, Sandy Baum, for more information at 561-852-6065 or sandyb@bocafed.org

“My federation journey began during the isolating times of the pandemic. The Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County welcomed me with open arms, introduced me to incredible people, and offered me the exciting opportunity to lead. 3049 is a new group I can enjoy together with my husband. It is designed to help foster relationships and introduce people in this age group to make connections, friendships, and join together to better our local community.”

Rachel Schrager, 3049 Co Chair
"Now more than ever, building a strong Jewish community is paramount. 3049 was born out of the need to facilitate building a strong Jewish community for those who have lived in South Palm Beach County for years and for those who have just arrived. Meeting new cohorts and developing strong personal and communal connections can be difficult with family and career schedules. 3049 is a unique opportunity to meet new people while strengthening our Jewish community."

Benji Gene, 3049 Co Chair