Jul 14, 2015

Statement from Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County Leaders on Proposed Iran Nuclear Agreement

Along with our Jewish family in this community and around the globe, we have waited anxiously for this morning’s announcement of the proposed diplomatic agreement regarding Iran’s nuclear activities. The threat of the world’s leading exporter of terrorism obtaining nuclear weapons is of the gravest concern and utmost urgency to our people and to the world.

We appreciate the U.S. team’s extensive efforts in the negotiations, and we recognize the critical role that Congress will now play in approving or disapproving it. We look forward to the 60-day Congressional review period as a time of open debate as we learn the specifics of the accord to understand its implications and efficacy.

We hope the proposal announced today contains measures to successfully curtail the existential Iranian threat. Yet we are concerned that this deal may be insufficient in critical safeguards necessary to block Iran’s path to a nuclear weapon.

Iran’s behavior over four decades has earned this abundance of vigilance. The regime’s support for Hezbollah and Hamas, its human rights violations and its aggressive threats toward neighboring countries - including Israel - make the specter of a nuclear-armed Iran untenable. This past week saw statements from Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei suggesting that Iran would not compromise on key conditions. The week also included a staged rally in which thousands marched through the streets of Tehran chanting "Down with America" and "Death to Israel."

President Obama and his administration have repeatedly said that any deal with Iran must shut down Iran's uranium enrichment pathway to a weapon, cut off all four of Iran's potential pathways to a bomb, and track Iran's nuclear activities with unprecedented transparency and robust inspections throughout its nuclear supply chain. We agree.

And we urge Congress to give this proposed accord its utmost scrutiny.


Albert W. Gortz
Chair of the Board

Matthew C. Levin
President & CEO