Aug 21, 2020


As we prepare for a new year of Jewish life in South Palm Beach County, we know we will rise to meet the challenges of 5781 together. We are proud to announce that our Federation enters this year with a major step to address a most critical challenge for all of us: securing our community against the dramatic rise in anti-Semitic attacks and incidents.
For the past several years, our Federation has monitored our community’s security concerns through strong relationships with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.  In addition to securing our campus, Federation has served as a resource to many of our agencies, schools and synagogues on securing their sites.
But, in the wake of Pittsburgh, Poway and beyond, we knew our Federation’s responsibility had become far greater. It was time for places where our large, diverse Jewish community gathers to be expertly prepared, and we made it a top priority.
We have hired our own Community Security Director in partnership with the Secure Community Network (SCN). He will work with our local agencies, schools and synagogues, to evaluate and strengthen the security of their locations and protocols, creating a safer Jewish community for all of us. As the official safety and security organization of the North American Jewish community, SCN will also benefit our community through their security and intelligence resources, trusted best practices, training opportunities, facility assessments and the vast knowledge and experience of its current and former military and law enforcement experts.
Please join us in welcoming our Community Security Director, Alan Poland, who brings to our community 20 years of experience in private security, law enforcement and counterterrorism. As a detective with NYPD, he worked as Jewish liaison to the Department Chief, in the Special Victims Division where he consulted on hate crime investigations, and in the Counterterrorism Division, where he planned and developed protective measures for mitigation of terror attacks and protection of local critical infrastructure.
For Alan, being our Security Director is far more than a job – being part of the Jewish community and its security is deeply personal. Raised in Brooklyn, he went from a yeshiva in Borough Park, to high school at Yeshiva University, to a year and a half on a kibbutz where he became inspired to pursue degrees in security and counterterrorism on returning to the U.S.
We are grateful for the diligence of our Federation’s Security Committee led by Chuck Lichtman, for a generous grant from the Marcus Foundation and contributions from other generous donors who have enabled us to bring these vital resources to our community.
Based at our Federation, Alan has begun assessing our community and laying the groundwork for his vital role here. You will be hearing more about this and what it means for our community in the near future. We look forward to working with you in this effort.
Together we are strong. Together we thrive.