Mar 16, 2015

Our Community Spirit Will Soar Even Higher – in Israel!

Like many of you, I’m sure, one of my favorite times with my family and on our Federation campus is Purim. What a joy to work amid the vibrant costumes, the music, the triumphant story that resonates so well today. Our community, like others around the world, comes alive with spirited megillah readings, carnivals and parades. And now, as they do every year, our thoughts turn to preparing for Passover.

One of the most important passages at the seder is “Next Year in Jerusalem!” And there’s a terrific opportunity for all of us to be together this year in Jerusalem. With our community spirit soaring, it’s time to take it even higher - in Israel!

Nothing brings our vibrant, diverse Jewish community together like our love for Israel. And there’s nothing like the transformational experience of forging powerful bonds and making incredible memories with friends and neighbors on a community mission in our homeland.

It’s been my dream since I got here, folks. And now – whether it’s your first or your 18th visit - it’s time to mark your schedules for our Spirit of Israel Community Mission from November 13-19, 2015. It’s time to get on board. With the different intersecting tracks we’re planning with Mission Co-Chairs Karen & Mark Dern and Adele & Herman Lebersfeld, we can assure you there will be more than just one “something” for everyone.

It’s time to explore Israel’s leading edge innovations; the food and wine, music and culture; the history and heritage; the democracy and security; some outdoor adventures... Time to experience the power and joy of Shabbat in Jerusalem… Time to get behind the scenes with rare opportunities at security sites and at insider briefings with journalists, government officials, entrepreneurs, educators and scholars… Time to hear challenges and joys of our brothers and sisters in Israel, and to show our solidarity... Time to visit groundbreaking funded projects, and our longtime friends in our Sister City, Kiryat Bialik… Time to deepen our knowledge and raise our spirit – personally, with family and friends, as a community - in our homeland.

As we travel together, we’ll tour and learn, dance and sing, laugh and cry, pray and eat with each other. There’s no doubt that we’ll grow together as friends and, exponentially, as a community united by a profound commitment to Israel.

Take a moment to enjoy our exciting short Mission video and learn more at!

Those of us who have experienced the power of mission travel know just how unforgettable and life-changing it will be to visit Israel together. For the rest of you, trust me - it’s time to start! Catch the “Spirit of Israel” on our Community Mission, November 13-19, 2015. Learn more at!, call Barbara Kabatznik at 561.852.6050 or email

And don’t hesitate to contact me at to talk about the mission and to share your thoughts about how, together, we can keep building and strengthening our remarkable Jewish community.


Matthew Levin
President & CEO