Jul 21, 2014

Loss of Israeli Soldiers Mourned by Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County Leaders

With heavy hearts, deepest gratitude and fervent pride, we join with Jewish leaders and communities around the world in mourning the increasing number of Israeli soldiers killed fighting the Iranian-backed Hamas in Gaza over the past two days. On behalf of the South Palm Beach County Jewish community, we express our deepest sympathies to the families of these courageous men whose sacrifice is not only for Israel, but for each of us and our people.

Along with all of Israel, and the entire Jewish people, we mourn their loss as if they were our own. These brave young men included two U.S. citizens: Nissim Sean Carmeli (z"l) from South Padre Island, TX and Max Steinberg (z"l) from Woodland Hills, CA.

Israel's Operation Protective Edge in Gaza was launched in response to Hamas' launching of more than 1,800 missile attacks against Israel over the last two weeks. It has a singular goal – to eradicate the Iranian-backed terrorist organization's military infrastructure. Over the last two days, the operation has destroyed 36 tunnel access points – used to smuggle missiles and other weaponry and attempt to infiltrate into Israel – as well as 470 outposts doubling as terrorist command centers and missile launch sites.

We stand in full solidarity with our Israeli brothers and sisters under siege and with those in harm's way to defend and protect them.

Once again, we extend our deepest sympathies to the soldiers' families, and to all Israelis and the mourners of Zion.


Albert W. Gortz, Chair of the Board
Federation Board of Directors

Matthew C. Levin, President & CEO