Jun 22, 2015

Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County Leaders Decry Hateful Killings in Charleston

We at the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County are horrified and outraged at the slaughter of nine last week in the holy space of Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Our hearts go out to the families of those slain and the congregants. We call on our Jewish community to join others around the country in standing with the people of Charleston who are shaken to the core, terrorized by this heinous act of hate and bigotry.

That the gunman’s apparent manifesto calls out “the Jewish problem” should come as no surprise. From our history as well as the present, we as a people know all too well the depths where prejudice and extremism meet. We know how the terror of this crime reverberates in communities far beyond Charleston. We recognize this act at a sacred African American landmark as a surfacing of the ugly undercurrents of racism that still run deep in our society.

As people of compassion and justice who value an inclusive and pluralistic country, we condemn this brutal act in the strongest possible terms. Through word and deed we must clearly and unequivocally demonstrate that the violence of hatred and intolerance can have no place in our society.

May the memories of those lost be for a blessing. To aid their families, the Jewish Federation of Charleston has asked for donations through their website to the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund.


Albert W. Gortz
Chair of the Board

Matthew C. Levin
President & CEO