Jan 9, 2015

Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County Leaders Condemn Attacks in Paris, Urge Worldwide Response

We at the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County are horrified and outraged by the recent barbaric attacks on civic institutions and Jewish targets in Paris, including this morning’s siege that took the lives of hostages shopping for Shabbat at a busy kosher supermarket. We condemn these acts of terrorism in the strongest possible terms, as we mourn the loss of yet more innocent lives, pray for the injured and express our heartfelt support for those traumatized.

These attacks are directed not only against Jews and Jewish institutions but against the people of France and beyond who value freedom and democracy. Yet again, we are forced to bear witness to the threat that extremism poses to our people and to civil societies everywhere. In Israel and in the Diaspora, our people are all too familiar with the implications and consequences of such acts.

We call upon world leaders and all in the global community who value freedom and civil society to rise to this challenge of our time. We implore them to join us in unconditional condemnation of this intolerable bloodshed. Together, we must resolve and find a way to move beyond this horror of extremist hatred and brutal violence.

The Jewish Federations of North America is actively engaged in supporting the Paris community in addressing security issues. As always, we ourselves remain vigilant. Security on the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County campus is our highest priority, and serves as a model for Jewish Federations throughout the country.


Albert W. Gortz Chair of the Board

Matthew C. Levin President & CEO