Aug 21, 2020

Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County Leaders Hail Abraham Accords Signing

As leaders of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County heading into the New Year, we hail the sweet and hopeful news of today’s historic signing of the Abraham Accords at the White House. We salute the courageous efforts of the signing countries and the United States that have led to these important steps toward security and prosperity for Israel and her neighbors.
We hope and anticipate that this agreement to normalize diplomatic, security, commercial, and other relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will enhance Israel’s ability to reach the peace it has long sought.  Let these Accords signal a new era of cooperation and diplomacy that brings a lasting and meaningful coexistence for the region.
“I truly believe this is a historic process of further inclusion of Israel in the region, and we should congratulate it,” said Jewish Agency Chairman Isaac Herzog. “It’s a unique and moving part of our history.”
May the coming year bring health and happiness to you and yours, amid further progress toward peace in our homeland.
Shanah Tovah,