Sep 7, 2012

A New Year, a New Generation

This week, my work began with joy and ruach at my first visit to Torah Academy of Boca Raton, one of our Federation’s thriving beneficiary day schools. It was especially gratifying to meet and kvell with students and educators at the start of their new school year - which began with the additions of a new facility and a Middle School. With the guidance of its Deans, Rabbis Shaya Baumann and Reuven Feinberg and a caring, committed school community, Torah Academy has grown from just 18 children in 1999 to its current enrollment of 254 students - doubling in the last four years alone.

Our South Palm Beach County Jewish community is blessed with four vibrant, diverse day schools that provide outstanding preparation for Jewish life; all are beneficiary agencies of our Federation. In addition to Torah Academy in east Boca, our children and teens attend Weinbaum Yeshiva High School on the Boca Raton Synagogue campus as well as, on our Federation campus, Hillel Day School (through 8th grade) and Donna Klein Jewish Academy (through 12th grade), a Founding Federation Agency.

As both the parent of three current day school students as well as a Jewish professional, I’m acutely tuned into the critical importance of investing in the next generation of our Jewish people. From research as well as observation, we know that day school education provides a rich, solid comprehensive environment for the continuity of our culture and values, as well as our religious beliefs and practices.

This very fortunate part of the country is also blessed with a wealth of other opportunities for high quality Jewish education and experiences. With South Palm Beach County’s Jewish preschools, congregational schools, camps and youth programs, it’s no wonder that menchlichkeit abounds here. Yet, it is upon us as a community to extend - to far more Jewish families - these opportunities that will enrich their lives as they secure our Jewish future.

From all streams of our diverse Jewish community, let us wish each other and commit to work for a sweet year ahead for all. Together, we have come through the depths of millennia, and together, we will celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the modern State of Israel. Together, we will care for our Jewish family in our neighborhoods and across the globe.

I’ll be writing again after the holidays, and I look forward to hearing from you at

L'shana tovah,

Matthew C. Levin
CEO Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County

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