Aug 17, 2012

Be Part of Our Caring Jewish Community: "Like" Us on Facebook

This week, we saw the conclusion of the 2012 Olympics in London. While symbolizing the ideal of international cooperation, harmony and human dignity, these Games represented the 40th anniversary of the massacre of 11 Israeli team members in Munich. Even though the International Olympic Committee unconscionably refused to commemorate this horrific moment in Olympic history, athletes from France, Italy, the United States and other nations bravely stood up for these victims of terror. With support from members of the media and many world leaders, and a petition signed by more than 100,000 people, the Munich 11 indisputably did return to the forefront of global consciousness. We are reminded once again how terrorism remains a threat to peace-loving people everywhere.

And yet, this month, Jewish teenagers from throughout our continent also competed in this summer’s Maccabi Games, in cooperation with JCCs of North America – including our own community’s delegation from Adolph & Rose Levis JCC on our campus. We celebrate the next generation of Olympic athletes whose sporting careers are budding here and on JCC campuses across the country.

Four billion people were expected to tune into the Olympics, many of them on the internet. If you are reading this message, you are also part of the digital revolution that is transforming how we share information and connect with each other in our daily lives. At the heart of our caring Jewish community, engaging and serving all generations, our Federation keeps evolving to embrace these new and exciting, ever-accelerating ways to communicate and build community.

Although social media was first embraced by younger adults and teens, it is now also engaging boomers and beyond. Recently, we’ve been revitalizing our Facebook pages and how we use them. During the month of August, we’ve been taking a very exciting step: launching our first ever “Like” Campaign.

Our community also faces internal challenges. Amid such serious and growing needs, ours is the oldest Jewish community by age, yet one of the most recent in establishment – without the multiple generations of support and level of endowments that other large Federations have had time to develop. While many in our younger and settled population have begun to take their responsibility and rightful place as contributors and leaders, many if not most are unaware of the needs before us and the vital role the Jewish community has played historically to address them.

During the month of August, for each new “Like” to our Federation Facebook page, the law firm of Lesser, Lesser, Landy & Smith PLLC will donate $1 to our Annual Campaign! We hope that each of you will be a part of this exciting new way to be part of the Jewish community - and to share this opportunity to raise awareness about the vital role of our Federation.

If you have a Facebook account, visit and click “Like” on our page. Then scroll down to the post about about our “Like” Campaign, and click “share” to make sure your Facebook friends find out about it. You can also visit our Women’s Department, Young Adult Division and Jewish Women’s Foundation Facebook pages and "Like" the ones of interest to you.

You’ll soon learn that to know us is to like us - and vice versa. You’ll also see how riding the digital wave can bring us together to connect and build our Jewish community. And let’s communicate! Feel free to email me at or share a message on any of our Facebook pages.


Matthew C. Levin
CEO Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County

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