Young Adults Discover Themselves As They Explore Israel During Birthright

About the Event
Whenever Birthright participants return from this trip-of-a-lifetime, one of the repeated phrases we hear is “It changed my life!”

Israel does that to people.

This July, our local group joined other groups of young adults ages 22 to 26 for a remarkable 10-day educational Taglit-Birthright trip at no cost to them.

From meeting new friends who turn into family by the end of the trip, to seeing various historic sites, engaging in cultural events, and meeting those who we are dedicated to helping, all of it showcases the bonds we as thoughtful and caring Jewish people can achieve.

The South Palm Beach County delegation was supported through the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County and its “Partnership2Gether” program, making the community bus trip possible.

Our trip was led by Yishai Mizrahi, a professional at the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, as well as Young Adult Division (YAD) Chair Carly Glikman. The tour included stops and treks like hiking the Banias National Park Trail; winery tours and tastings; visits to Tsfat, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Nesher; an emotional tour of Yad Vashem and Har Herzl; Shabbat at the Kotel; a stop in Masada and a dip in the Dead Sea; and a tour of Independence Hall.

Traveling as a group with your peers made the trip that much more beautiful. “Going as a community made things easier to learn,” said participant Franke Scharaldi. Adding, “It helped to hear other peoples’ opinions versus mine. It was also great to share all the same experiences with other Jewish kids my same age “

One of the biggest achievements with Birthright is the embedding of Jewish purpose and pride felt by all upon their return. Boca Raton participant Kari Pflanzer said, “I feel a renewed sense of empowerment. Throughout the 10 days, I was adventurous, emotional, spiritual, vulnerable, religious, elated alongside 47 strangers who are now family. South Florida is where I live, but Israel will always be home."

For more information on Birthright or to inquire about next year’s trip, contact Yishai Mizrahi at 561.852.3113 or email