Women’s Philanthropy Closing Program (April 16, 2019)

About the Event
Location: B’nai Torah Congregation
Event Chairs: Marcia Beckerman and Helene Paul
Sponsor: Dorothy P. Seaman Department of Women’s Philanthropy Sponsor: Glenmede
Event highlights: What a morning we spent celebrating and learning together! We kvelled as Jill Rose, our Women’s Philanthropy Chair, shared our year’s many accomplishments. We cheered as Emily Grabelsky and April Leavy presented Dale Filhaber with the Dorothy P. Seaman Leadership Award. And in reinstalling our officers for 2019-2020, we rededicated ourselves to another incredible season ahead. Aptly ending our year with another innovation, we engaged in a special social action Poverty Simulation. Grouped into a variety of simulated low-income families, for an hour we strived and struggled to accomplish four weeks of tasks to keep our families going. In the process, our eyes and our hearts opened even wider to many of the people helped by our vision and generosity.

Women’s Philanthropy has something for everyone. Contact Janice Obuchowski at 561.852.3271 or janiceob@bocafed.org.