Travel journal: Social Justice Mission

About the Event
Powerful. Emotional. Educational. Impactful. Inspirational.

Those are the words which describe the overall feelings as we wrapped up our Social Justice Mission yesterday. Starting our trip as a group of strong, driven women; by the end of our journey we became a sisterhood.

We spent time in a century-old synagogue, we met fascinating people, we memorialized the lost during visits to the National Lynching Memorial and the AIDS Memorial Quilt display, helping us grow closer than ever before. We paid homage to the Civil Rights pioneers, like Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King., Jr. We heard from today’s heroes, like Equal Rights Activist, Bishop Calvin Woods, and we had dinner with Martha Hawkins, who owns the famed Deep South restaurant “Martha’s Place.” We were moved by heartbreaking stories, like that of Joanne Bland, who was beaten when she attempted to march from Selma to Montgomery as an 11-year-old. To be able to walk in her footsteps across an old Alabama bridge was a lesson in perseverance and solidarity.

We know how important it is for all to be treated fairly, and we know that the power of many can make a difference.

Thank you to everyone who participated in and followed our Mission.