Partnership 2Gether Educators Visit from Zichron Yaakov

About the Event
Event Name: Partnership 2Gether Educators Visit from Zichron Yaakov
Event Date: December 4-10, 2018
Event highlights: A delegation of twelve educators from our Partnership 2Gether Sister Community, Zichron Yaakov, spent a dynamic week with their “School Twinning” counterparts at local congregational and day schools.

Our Twinning project, coordinated by Federation’s School Educational Services, expands the living bridges built between both communities by connecting local religious schools, preschools and day schools to their counterparts in Zichron Yaakov. Using email, visits, Skype, Virtual Classroom and videos, students and teachers create and develop new relationships while continuing and enhancing established friendships.

The Zichron Yaakov educators visited each of the local schools they are twinning with, and spent quality time with their counterparts at B’nai Torah Congregation, Congregation B’nai Israel, Temple Beth El, Donna Klein Jewish Academy, Katz Yeshiva High School and Torah Academy of Boca Raton.