Gold Coast Evening at Boca Rio Golf Club

About the Event
Event Name: Gold Coast Evening at Boca Rio Golf Club
Event Date: February 4
Speaker: Author Ron Balson
Location: Boca Rio Golf Club
Event Chairs: Don and Linda Brodie
Sponsors: Hotwire Fision, The Koolik Group/Compass, Wells Fargo
Event highlights: After a wonderful dinner, a beautiful and inspiring message was delivered by David Pratt, and Don and Linda Brodie. We welcomed litigation attorney and renowned author Ronald Balson into our community to share his own story of inspiration. While working in Poland, Ron was profoundly moved by the scars and memorials of World War II, which inspired him to write "Once We Were Brothers," his first novel and an international best seller. Extensive travels to Israel and the Middle East provided the inspiration for "Saving Sophie," his second novel. While on his "Once We Were Brothers" book tour, Ron met Fay Waldman, a survivor of multiple Nazi prison camps. Her remarkable story inspired and provided the backdrop for Ron's third novel and international bestseller, "Karolina's Twins." The Troubles, the thirty-year dispute between the Catholics and the Protestants in Northern Ireland formed the backdrop for Ron’s fourth book, "The Trust." Research in Berlin and Tuscany resulted in the haunting and award-winning "The Girl From Berlin."

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