Addison Reserve Continues Passover Mitzvah Project Tradition (March 25, 2014)

About the Event
For the ninth year in a row, generous Addison Reserve families have provided food for Passover to those in need in the Boca/Delray area. This year, over 180 Addison families raised over $21,000 to purchase food. On March 25, more than 45 volunteers had the privilege of packaging the groceries in the new Jacobson Family Food Pantry facility and learning a little bit more about the inner workings of the pantry and the more than 600 local residents they serve. The Mitzvah Project committee, consisting of Joyce Goldbaum, Don Kabat, Harvey Leff, Harriet Mirinov , Patti Jacobs, Ronna Rutstein, Pam Siegman, and Harvey P. Stein, led the effort to make sure that less fortunate members of our Jewish community are able to observe Passover at home for eight days.