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Donor Perspectives

“The need to support our Jewish Federation has never been greater. We must all stand up and be counted. Bringing a smile to someone in need is not only a mitzvah but is also satisfying and gratifying. Joining with spirited and passionate colleagues for a worthy cause is inspirational.”

Doris Beck
Boca West, Florida

“Getting involved with the Jewish Federation was an easy decision for us. We are proud to continue our family's tradition of preserving a Jewish identity within our community and helping those in need. We know that the dollars we raise and contribute get allocated to hard-working agencies which feed, house, educate and care for Jews both locally and in Israel. Their work makes a real difference in people's lives. We feel honored to be able to give our time and financial resources to such a noble and necessary cause, just like our parents and grandparents did before us.”

Bryan and Joanna Drowos
Boca Raton, Florida

“Endowing my Lion of Judah gift is something I felt I had to do for the survival of the Jewish people and the state of Israel, including setting an example for my children and grandchildren. I have increased my endowments in both South Palm Beach County and Metro West NJ to ensure that a larger portion of my annual gift will be continued in perpetuity. I am proud that my daughter is an endowed Lion and a past Women's Campaign Chair in her federation.”

Sylvia Fried
Delray Beach, Florida

“This year we did not have to go far to witness dire need. Given the economy’s effect on our neighbors, we needed only to look around us to see how the past year’s crisis has generated record requests for our help with safety net services. And these are just symbolic of the wide range of growing needs that face our Jewish family here, in Israel and worldwide.”

Al and Jane Gortz
Delray Beach, Florida

“As the convener of our Jewish community, the Federation plays an absolutely critical role. It provides an infrastructure that enables us to carry out some of the larger and more far-reaching initiatives that individual agencies could not otherwise undertake. For example, our Federation recently conducted an in-depth senior services study and convened a senior services advisory council that gives us a clear picture of the scope of the needs of our extremely large population of seniors. It is through this Federation umbrella that agencies dealing in senior needs can come together to share ideas and find new ways to collaborate. And that is only one of so many vital examples of how our Federation acts as the glue— the very fiber— that keeps our community together and focused and on task.”

Danielle N. Hartman
Chief Executive Officer & President
Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services

“We are unified in our mission to further the welfare of our fellow Jews as one family. Together we ensure that no one among us ever has to stand alone during their time of need.”

Joseph and Beth Mishkin
Delray Beach, Florida

“My mother-in-law Clarice Pressner introduced me to the world of philanthropy and Tzedakah. Always involved and pushing to improve peoples’ lives and make the world a better place, she taught me by example how important the Federation is to our community and to the world. I was surprised and delighted when she made me a Lion of Judah at an event nine years ago, and my commitment, involvement and joys have grown steadily since.”

Wendy Pressner
Boca Raton, Florida

“It is our privilege to be an integral part of this vast organization and the Boca community. We are proud and happy to help needy Jews of all ages maintain or better their way of life with dignity. Becoming an endowed Lion of Judah was a major event in Phyllis’ life and a great example for the women of our family. To give charity is a mitzvah, however, to work to help raise the money, is a double mitzvah.”

Cliff and Phyllis (z”l) Seresky
Boca Raton, Florida