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Jewish Community Leadership Institute (JCLI)

One family. One future.

“If our leadership is strong and has the resources it needs to succeed,
we can rest assured that our beloved Jewish culture,
traditions and institutions will stand strong for generations to come.”

Matthew C. Levin
President & CEO
Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County

We are fortunate to live in a community with strong Jewish values and a proud history of service and philanthropy. If we wish for our Jewish values to remain strong and vibrant for generations to come, we must invest in preparing our future leaders. With this in mind, our Federation has introduced a new initiative called The Jewish Community Leadership Institute (JCLI). Its mission is to strengthen all aspects of our Jewish community by preparing new and emerging leaders to excel in their future posts, and also to foster an even stronger spirit of collaboration among Jewish organizations across South Palm Beach County.

Who can participate

Participants may be up-and-coming professionals, parents of young children, or retirees. Many candidates are likely serving on boards and chairing committees in our agencies, schools and synagogues. This initiative is open to individuals of all ages and across all Jewish affiliations. There is no cost for participation, only a strong commitment from each participant.

How JCLI works

• JCLI Participants are nominated by current leaders of our local Jewish agencies, organizations and synagogues, with our Federation underwriting, organizing and hosting the Institute.
• Of the pool of nominees, program Chairs and the Committee will select 25 participants, making certain there is the widest possible representation of communal institutions.
• Two JCLI class levels are being established, the first is dedicated to current emerging leaders. A second class later is dedicated to more newly engaged participants in our Jewish community.
• The program runs from September to May.
• Training is made up of 6 sessions (3 hours each) offered on Federation’s campus. The sessions will focus on enhancing leadership skills, as well as learning more about the many organizations, synagogues, agencies and schools that make up our Jewish community.
• Participants train together which will help them build strong communal bonds.

Goals of the JCLI

• To develop and enhance the skills of incumbent lay leaders so they are more successful and effective.
• To build relationships across agency and synagogues, creating closer bonds with each other and our greater global Jewish family.
• To share common knowledge based on Jewish values.
• To create a pool of well developed talent to support leadership succession for all partnering organizations.

Six-Session JCLI Curriculum

• Models of Leadership
• Insight into Jewish Values and Leadership
• The Art of Storytelling/Fundraising
• Israel & Our Global Jewish Family
• The Dynamic of the Lay/Professional Relationship
• Understanding Your Affiliated Institution and Its Relationship to the Larger Jewish Community

Let’s put our values to action by investing in tomorrow’s leadership. Together our community can create a vibrant future that engages, inspires and impacts generations of Jews for decades to come.

For further information about the JCLI contact Elana Ostroff at 561.852.6080 or elanao@bocafed.org.