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The Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County is pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive online resource guide and the availability of a Special Needs Community Liaison for the purpose of providing information to individuals with disabilities.

The Jewish Abilities Alliance (JAA) was created as an integral part of our Federation’s Special Needs Initiative. The JAA is the community’s network that links individuals with disabilities and their families to resources, services, support groups, workshops, clinics and recreational programs within the community. It is known as a “one-stop shop for families”. It is easy to navigate – one is able to filter searches by age and needs.

Visit southpalmbeach.jewishabilities.org

The Federation is also pleased to announce the appointment of a Special Needs Community Liaison, Tzippi Rosen, who is dedicated to helping individuals and families navigate the website and recommend available resources consistent with their needs.

Tzippi Rosen can be reached at 561-852-3145 or at jaa@bocafed.org.