Teachers Discover Education Is a “Growing” Process

About the Event
This year’s “Global Day of Jewish Learning” included dozens of educators participating in informative and hands-on educations sessions, all dealing with this year's GDJL theme- nature and the environment.

The event opened with a presentation by JewishLearningMatters.com, followed by the awarding of the annual Gerald Legow “Outstanding Achievement in Jewish Education” recognition award. This year’s winner, much to her delighted surprise, was Beverly Feurring, a teacher at Congregation B’nai Israel’s Barry Ira Graff School for Living Judaism. She was presented with a beautiful award and her family, as well as Rabbi Robert Silvers, were there for the ceremony as a surprise.

Following the award presentation, it was time for everyone to get their hands dirty – literally. The workshop was “Grass Roots: The Relationship Between Gardening and Judaism,” featuring details on a future community garden, the partnership between plant and soil, and the origin of gardening in Judaism. The teachers made aquaponic terrariums, a project that they can easily duplicate with their students.

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