Grinspoon Teacher of Excellence in Jewish Education Award

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The “Grinspoon Teacher of Excellence in Jewish Education Award” is an expression of philanthropist Harold Grinspoon’s commitment to quality education and our Day School community’s belief that teachers are at the heart of the educational process. This award is designed to recognize, honor and support outstanding Jewish educators in day school settings and to reward a teacher that has demonstrated exceptional achievement in Jewish education by making a significant impact on his/her students as well as in the community. The role of the Jewish educator today is awe inspiring. Teachers want their students to succeed and are committed to helping them achieve their goals. A “Teacher of Excellence” inspires hope, ignites the imagination and instills a love of learning.

The following educators have been honored and received the “Grinspoon Award for Excellence in Jewish Education” over the years:

2001 – Dr. Yoram Dahav
2002 – Gigi Kaminetsky
2003 – Lea Friedman
2004 – Rabbi Josh Broide
2005 – Sammy Ben-Avis
2006 – Carla Greer

2007 – Rabbi Gur Berman
2008 – Amer Randell
2009 – Rabbi Mordechai Yachnes
2010 – Rabbi Ben Sugerman
2011 – Rina Lanner
2012 – Jill Spielman

2013 – Heidi Segal
2014 – Rabbi Amir Guttman
2015 – Rabbi Mordechai Smolarcik
2016 – Anat Jatwes
2017 – Jennifer Chava Epstein


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