Other Partners in Israel

Ethiopian National Project (ENP)

ENP unites global Jewry, the government of Israel and the Ethiopian-Israeli community in its mission to advance the integration of Ethiopian-Israelis into Israeli society. The ENP strives to provide social and educational opportunities to help Ethiopian-Israeli teenagers realize their full potential. The SPACE program provides scholastic assistance for low-performing students, addresses the needs of youth in crisis, and strengthens community through leadership development programs. The program also strengthens the connection between the students and their heritage, and results in a higher percentage of matriculating graduates from the SPACE program compared to all Ethiopian-immigrant pupils in Israel.


AKIM is Israel’s largest and most comprehensive provider of programs and services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Equal in Uniform program allows young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to serve in the IDF and implements important steps for future employment opportunities. The program serves forty-five adults aged 21-27 with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Beit Issie Shapiro

Beit Issie Shapiro provides cutting-edge services to improve quality of life for people with disabilities. The iAbility: Using Advanced Technology to Advance the Lives of Children with Disabilities Program, supported by the Federation, provides proper training and adaptions of iPad applications to be used as a tool for children with disabilities and their parents. The program gives children with special needs the opportunity and skills to communicate and gain independence. Beit Issie Shapiro is also committed to ensure that application developers understand how to make the products useful, successful, and accessible for people with disabilities.

Bet Elazraki

A residential program for 200 at risk children, most of whom were born to multigenerational families, are referred to Bet Elazraki by the welfare authority in Israel. The Family Intervention Center is a three year rehabilitation program that aims to break the cycle of poverty by providing therapeutic support to children and families with some of the greatest needs. The program focuses not only on the emotional and physical necessities of the children but also trains parents in the areas of: proper hygiene, budgeting, nutrition basics, and tools to better communicate and connect with their children.

Israel Elwyn

Israel Elwyn provides tools and support to individuals with disabilities with the objective of ensuring that they are offered equal rights and the opportunity to make decisions for their own lives. The Self-Advocacy and Leadership project, reading 150 individuals with disabilities, empowers their participants through providing self-advocacy tools and skills that enhance their independence, self-esteem, and pride in their ability to influence decisions made that directly affect their lives.

Leket Israel

Leket rescues 15,500 metric tons (35 million pounds) of nutritional food and distributes to 35,000 needy families and nearly 95,000 people a day. In 2016, in partnership with Hands on Tzedakah and another family foundation, the Federation donated a refrigerated truck to Leket that will allow an increase of food rescue in Israel. Federation continues to support the operating cost of the vehicle for its meal-collection route.

Nirim Foundation

Originated by Navy Seals, provides empowerment workshops to aid at-risk youth giving them a second chance. The Girls At Risk in Dimona Program that is supported by the Federation, provides young women, ages 14-18, at extreme-risk discover their strengths, and become self-confident, successful, fulfilled and contributing members of society. Many of the program’s participants are from impoverished or broken families who have run away from home and engaged in promiscuous behavior. Nirim aims to return the teenage girls to their educational systems, and strengthening their ties to their families and the community.


Sulamot, meaning both ladder and a musical scale in Hebew, is an innovative and inspiring music education program for children at risk of all sectors in Israel. The program was created as a joint program with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and Tel Aviv University in 2010. Music can bring joy and happiness but also relief and hope for a better future for children who do not have a good or supportive family.

Susan’s House

Susan's House is a warm and welcoming environment for teens at-risk. The teens are guided into a business environment by dedicated staff which allows them integrate more normative, challenging, and attractive culture. In 2017, Susan’s House moved to a new facility to accommodate the organizations growth. The Federation supported the costs for their new Jewelry design room in the new space.

United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an Emergency medical response organization in Israel. The organization trains and equips hundreds of volunteers to fill emergency medical service gaps, improve response times, and provide ladders of opportunity for the country's most marginalized groups. In 2016 the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County donated an ambucycle, an ambulance-motorcycle, which will aid in the quickness of time to respond to a medical emergency. Federation continues to support the maintenance of the vehicle.

Yad Eliezer

Yad Eliezer, founded in 1980, is the largest poverty relief agency in Israel. The organization aims to break the cycle of poverty by empowers families experiencing financial difficulties with their long-term recovery efforts in addition to short-term relief. Federation is supports the organization’s Pantry Essential Food Box program in our partnership community, Zichron Yaakov, which provides basic food and household items to impoverished families.

Yad Lakashish

Yad Lakashish supports and empowers Jerusalem’s low income immigrant elderly by training them as artisans who create amazing gifts, jewelry and Judaica sold all over the world. Yad Lakashish’s Food Program provides the artisans with a morning snack and daily lunch when they “work” at the art studio. The Travel Fare program allows the elderly artisans to receive unlimited bus passes in order to get to-and-from “work.” Additionally, the program encourages socialization by allowing the artisans to use their bus passes for social opportunities, of which they may not have been able to participate in due to the cost of transportation. Yad LaKashish’ Food and Travel Fare Programs are proudly supported by the Mollie Rosenthal Fund.

Yashar LaChayal

The Warm Winter program, supported by the Federation this year, will provide thousands of IDF soldiers with warm winter clothing for the upcoming winder in order to increase efficiency and decrease health related issues due to environmental challenges.