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What started out as a small group of committed donors discussing advocacy issues for women and children in 2003 has grown into a dynamic group of passionate, caring and vocal trustees. From its inception through today, our JWF has granted more than $1.6 Million to over 50 organizations for programs that improve the lives of Jewish women and children in South Palm Beach County, in Israel and around the world. As a result of this work, over 35,000 lives have been impacted.

We are dedicated to:

  • Securing Jewish women’s health and safety
  • Helping to nurture strong and self-assured Jewish children
  • Strengthening Jewish women’s economic power
  • Enhancing educational and leadership opportunities for women and children

On a mission of empowerment.

Through membership contributions, Trustees pool their philanthropic resources together to more effectively address the most pressing issues facing Jewish women and children. We believe that, with a collective voice and focused action, we can help bring about positive change that will have lasting effects well into the future.

How JWF Operates

JWF has a diverse membership of more than 60 trustees, whose generous contributions are pooled into an endowed fund. Unlike many other foundations, JWF encourages its members to take a hands-on approach when allocating their philanthropic dollars. JWF Trustees can get involved in a variety of ways:

  • Serve on committees
  • Screen and read grant proposals
  • Research organizations
  • Present grant proposals to Trustees
  • Conduct site visits
  • Mentor other Trustees
  • Vote on projects that will have the most impact
  • Build lasting friendships based on shared values

In addition to grant-making, JWF provides ongoing learning opportunities, helping women keep up with current issues and trends impacting Jewish women and children, as well as current practices in philanthropy.

JWF members come from varied backgrounds, yet all share a strong desire to help empower Jewish women and children in need. If you’re a women of action, we invite you to join this powerful cause. Join us today.


Tanya Miller, Director, Jewish Women’s Foundation 
561.852.3166 | TanyaM@bocafed.org