Young Adults Connect, Explore & Celebrate at TribeFest (March 16-18, 2014)

About the Event
From March 16 to 18, a delegation from South Palm Beach County enjoyed comradeship with over 1,300 Jewish young adults (ages 22-45) from across North America at JFNA’s TribeFest in New Orleans. Through presentations by dynamic leaders in politics, entertainment, music, art, food, religion and other aspects of Jewish life, TribeFest offered attendees many ways to connect to their own Judaism and how they see themselves as part of the community.

Together, our group participated in a volunteer opportunity through ReNEW Schools, by reading and providing books to underserved PK-2 students at Schaumburg Elementary in New Orleans.

See how these South Palm Beach County travelers described their TribeFest journey:

"TribeFest energized and inspired me. It made me even more excited to return to my local community and plan new events, meet new people and get something new started. I loved meeting people from across the country and realizing that they share similar interests and stories. The breakout sessions were a really valuable part of the learning experience that allowed me to dig deeper into the issues that matter most to me. Also, it was great how welcoming New Orleans was to our event." -Emily Einhorn

"I had a great time at the conference. I met a lot of cool young Jews from Florida and around the country. One of my favorite sessions was a moderated conversation about Israel, where everyone felt safe to share their perspectives, no matter how much they agreed or disagreed with one another. The best part about the conference was the excitement everyone had to be meeting one another and uniting as a young Jewish community. Thanks so much to the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County for giving me the opportunity to attend the conference!" -Jeff Wong

"Tribefest 2014 was an amazing experience. The highlight of TribeFest for me was meeting Joshua Malina of Scandal on ABC. It was so nice meeting other young adults from all over the United States and creating new and lasting friendships. The breakout sessions were fantastic." -Melanie Tolchin

"TribeFest was a fun and innovative way to reconnect with my Jewish Identity while enjoying the Big Easy – New Orleans. I was able to make unforgettable friends and connections, while hearing inspirational talks and discussions that will motivate my life for the better." -Tara Stiel

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