Business Casual for Women

Kick off your heels and leave the formalities at the office! At B&P’s Business Casual evening events you’re going to have fun, connect with other dynamic women, do good for others— and quite possibly get your hands dirty... with clay, or dough, or paint. It’s the antidote to the corporate meeting as well as a wonderful way to raise money for those less fortunate. That’s the thinking behind our Business Casual Series, which has become increasingly popular—and creative— since its launch in 2013.

Whether it’s painting your stress out, getting crafty, or cooking your cares away, these evenings are all about fun, connecting and community. It’s also about Jewish philanthropy and experiencing the transformational power of getting together for a great cause.

Dress down to meet up at our next Business Casual Networking event, exclusively for women.

“Less than a year and a half ago, I received a phone call from Sonni Simon of the JFSPBC asking to meet for coffee regarding a new women’s networking group. Jewish Federation had a vision to create an intimate, casual environment where women would be able to truly get to know each other, learn about each other’s families, backgrounds and businesses. Personally, I like to do business with and recommend people that I know, like and trust. After painting canvases and creating a beautiful seder plate, making sushi, challah, stir fry and hamantashen, playing golf and getting spiffed up at a spa night, I can certainly say I have gotten to know, like and trust many wonderful Business Casual women. Many are clients, a few are strategic business allies and several have become dear friends. Being able to network and engage with likeminded Jewish professionals who are looking to expand their businesses while helping a wonderful cause is what Business Casual is all about.”
~Sandy Gerstein