IMAGINATION ISRAEL: Community Celebrates Israel’s High-Tech Leading Edge (May 4, 2014)

About the Event
Five years after the release of the New York Times best-selling book, Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle, Israel’s emergence as one of the world’s titans of technology and entrepreneurship comes as no surprise. And in a remarkable opportunity to observe the 66th anniversary of the State of Israel, the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County brought some of Israel’s awe-inspiring contributions to the high-tech revolution right to Boca Raton on May 4 at Lynn University.

The first such insiders’ view made available to the public, IMAGINATION ISRAEL brought together more than 600 members of the community for exciting live demonstrations of six innovations. Developed in Israel by leading entrepreneurs and scientists, several of these products are already benefiting consumers worldwide.

"What better way to celebrate Israel than to showcase the phenomenon explored in Start-up Nation with such amazing innovations from Israeli companies?" ~ Andrew Robins, JCRC Co-chair

Investment in start-ups and new technologies is also an important way to financially support Israel, said Jonathan Medved. Brought by special arrangement to moderate IMAGINATION ISRAEL as a leader in Israel’s high tech scene, Medved was described in Start-up Nation as “one of Israel’s legendary business ambassadors.”

"Americans need to pro-actively show their support by investing in Israeli companies. Israel produces astounding products that are changing the world we all live in for the better. ‘Start-up Nation’ has become a worldwide brand and a source of Jewish pride." ~Jonathan Medved, moderator

What Medved describes as the chutzpah – the daring, cheekiness of Jewish culture that, “along with brains makes the impossible possible” - was evident throughout the program. In a prime example, Moty Avisar, a former Israeli Air Force officer now President and Founder of Surgical Theater, shared how his idea for the company’s software that enables doctors to practice on virtual images of their patients’ brains began when a neurosurgeon overheard Avisar talking about F-16 flight simulator technology in a Cleveland coffee shop.

Held in collaboration with AIPAC and the American Technion Society, IMAGINATION ISRAEL was presented free of charge with generous sponsorship from TD Bank and Polen Capital. The event was not hosted, co-sponsored or endorsed by Lynn University.