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The Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County is made up of Jewish and social service organizations, synagogues and schools that provide valued services and programs to recipients in our community, in Israel and around the world. We are also made up of the local residents who support us— including lay leadership, volunteers, donors, professional staff, rabbis, educators, event participants, students, and all those who contribute their time, skills or funds to a shared vision for our Jewish community and the world.

In a broad stroke, we are the caretakers making sure everyone is safe, fed, standing on their own, connected with their Jewish history and expressing their Jewish values.

We are the orchestrators raising money and awareness through a myriad of events, programs, rallies and initiatives that create a brighter future for Judaism— and a better life for those in need.

We are community unifiers— inspiring, educating and galvanizing neighbors to come together for common causes and to build and sustain a strong, caring, vibrant Jewish community.

We are advocates for those less fortunate in our community as well as for Jewish issues around the world. We collaborate with state senators, representatives and legislators on behalf of the expressed interests of the people and agencies we serve.

We are organizers initiating and overseeing committees, planning sessions and infrastructures that utilize the time, commitment and talents of local residents and volunteers.