Our Mission


Rooted in Jewish values, the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County seeks to inspire and galvanize local residents and organizations to build and sustain a strong, caring, vibrant Jewish community for today and tomorrow.


At the hub of the Jewish community, the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County strategically engages donors, supporters and community partners in addressing and planning for current and future needs of the Jewish people locally, in Israel and around the world.


• Building Jewish community and developing Jewish communal leadership;
Our Federation is reaching out and creating an ever-widening scope of partnerships with agencies, synagogues and organizations, on a mission to offer every Jew in South Palm Beach County a meaningful opportunity to connect with this community. And we’re investing in and developing leadership at all stages throughout our Jewish community.

• Promoting Jewish identity, education and engagement;
From our neighborhoods to across the globe, together we’re fostering Jewish discovery, pride and even brand new connections with our heritage for all ages. From early childhood centers, teens, young adults and families to senior programming, we’re growing inspiration and Jewish values, celebrating the richness of our culture, sharing the strength of our common bonds, and building a bright Jewish future.

• Caring for the vulnerable;
With our local and overseas beneficiary agencies, we wrap Holocaust survivors in a warm cloak of dignity and security, nourish frail seniors and fragile families with food and support, help those with disabilities obtain job training and the hope of a better tomorrow. Together, we answer the calls from down the street and around the globe, reaching out to those who must depend on us.

• Advocating for the well-being and security of the Jewish people;
We bring together voices from throughout our Jewish community to educate and advocate with decision-makers on issues from local safety net services to international security.

• Standing with Israel, their spiritual homeland.
In the dark of night, we bring residents of all ages and observance together to stand steadfast with our brothers and sisters on the frontlines and in the shelters. And in times of celebration, we gather thousands to rise as one in the joy of Israel’s independence and accomplishments.