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Larisa, 87, of Tblisi, Georgia, has lived in the same tiny dilapidated apartment since she was one-and-a-half years old, hoping someday she would live in normal conditions.

Unfortunately, that day never came, but help did in the form of the Hesed Eliahu Welfare Center, operated by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) with funding from Federations, including our Federation.

Since 2002, Hesed has been a lifeline to Larisa, providing food, home care, medication, home repairs and winter relief. Most importantly, she receives a daily visit from a welfare worker seven days a week to relieve her loneliness.

She affectionately refers to her as her “angel,” says Larry Feldman, Federation Campaign Chair, who visited Larissa on a recent mission to Tblisi and Israel.

“I asked her, ‘If your angel was not here, if we were not able to provide what we do, where do you think you would be today?’” he said. “She looked at us and she said quite clearly, ‘I don’t think I would have survived.”

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