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A Living Bridge of Friendship with a Sister City in Israel

Partnership2Gether program. A compelling program that engages South Palm Beach County with a community in Israel in very meaningful ways. A “joint steering committee” made up of volunteers from both communities plan “living bridge” programs that build ever-strengthening bonds of friendship, collaboration and understanding with residents, leaders and institutions of our two communities. Women, teens, educators, students of all ages, and other professionals are enriched through visits, video conferences, conversations, and other joint projects.

While some projects continue from previous years, the year ahead will offer even more opportunities for direct connections, including:

  • The Women to Women exchange brings delegations from each community across the globe to stay in each other’s homes, travel, learn and engage in community service projects.
  • Our Personal Connection project offers opportunities for individuals, families and groups to spend meaningful time in Zichron Yaakov.
  • Local teens from the March of the Living, DKJA High School students, local synagogues, as well as adults on missions, will visit and enjoy the hospitality of Zichron Yaakov at overnight visits and social gatherings called mifgashim.
  • Our community Birthright bus will spend meaningful time in Zichron Yaakov. They perform community service and socialize with their peers. Young adults in Zichron Yaakov will join their visiting peers for the full ten days of travel, forming relationships that are sure to last a lifetime.
  • School “Twinning” continues to expand the living bridges built between both communities. This project connects local religious schools, preschools and day schools to their counterparts in Zichron Yaakov. Using email, Skype and other video chat platforms, students and teachers create and develop new relationships while continuing to maintain and enhance established friendships.
  • Sifriyat Pijama, the Israeli version of PJ library has come to Zichron Yaakov. This reading enhancement program, which has a strong Jewish perspective, connects Israelis from all types of Jewish families within Israel and throughout the world.

Click here to learn more about our "Israel and Our Global Family" giving center. P2G is a subcommittee of the Israel & Overseas Committee (IOC).


Barbara Kabatznik, P2G Coordinator
561.852.6050 | barbarak@bocafed.org